Sunday, 17 October 2010

Capture The Fade

'Memory' was selected by photographer Bill Henson for the Capture The Fade exhibition at the Paper Mill Gallery in Sydney, Australia opening on the 17th of November for 2 weeks. It will also feature in the next issue of Ampersand Magazine, due out February 2011.

"Culture is never outside nature: the sweetly impenetrable musings of these image-makers gracefully re-kindle and reinforce our respective imaginings and help us, via these gentle reminders to re-enter the dreamscape – those ‘twilit regions’ from whence we came as children and as a civilisation.

The particular quality that attracted me to the work of these people hovers around such notions. Thoughts half realised or rather the sense of something slipping away from thought - and of emotions often powerfully apprehended yet not fully understood.

Like Watteau’s ‘Embarkation for Cythera’, these pictures, albeit in very different ways, hint at this same yearning for an otherness, an elsewhere, a lost domain. They may well indeed turn out to be capturing the fade." .... Bill Henson